Junta’s license to gamble destroying people’s lives Burmese junta Junta’s license to gamble destroying people’s lives Even while people are facing difficulties to struggle for li 洗車velihood, the junta authorities in Kachin State have been allowing to open gambling dens resulting in the loss of property w 鍍膜ith one committing suicide, according to sources from the Sino-Burma border. By Hseng Khio Fah21 September 2008On 19 August, Sai Chit, 31, N 翻譯社awng Zawn village, Nawng Zawn village tract, Wanzae (Mansi) township, committed suicide by taking poison after losing millions and two motorbikes at a gamblin 591g den.Gambling license is given to villagers in Wanzae (Mansi) township, Bhamo district, which is under the control of the ceasefire group, Kachin Independence Organization (K 西裝IO) since June. Nang Mya Oong, a villager of Wanhwe, Wan Mawn village tract, got permission to open a gambling den because of her close relations with local authorities from the Mil 東森房屋itary Affairs Security (MAS), Special Bureau (SB), local officials and police including the KIO. She has to pay Kyat 300,000 (US$ 250) per month. If the traders could pay a lot of kickbacks, they are al 室內設計lowanced to sell everything even drugs, said one of her relatives.“The gambling places are full of several people from day to night. We can get what we want there like Yaba (methamphetamine). Some are becoming abnormal be 房屋二胎cause of drugs and loss of sleep,” said a driver whose truck runs between Bhamo and Namkham. "Many villagers have gone down in debts and people think of nothing except gambling since the gambling was opened in June and the 信用貸款number of thieves has increased,” complained a housewife who wishes to remain anonymous. There were about 10 farm owners who had to pawn their farms to the owners of the gambling to pay the debts while others sold their houses and other propert 室內設計ies.  .


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